Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some projects advance

I know some of you have asked, 'Now that you have a logo, when can we get t-shirts?' Well, I'm experimenting. I got a larger version of the logo, loaded it up on CafePress, and had myself a t-shirt made, in black. It looks good, and that's how we'll go...but I'm thinking about what to put on the back, because the logo deserves (and maybe needs) an explanation. I'm thinking about the definition we have over to the right, tweaked a bit:

Session Beer!

► 4.5% ABV or less
► flavorful and balanced
► conducive to conversation
► reasonably priced
"Thanks, I'll have another!"™

How's that look?

I also had a sample window-sticker run up for bars and breweries to put in their front window, indicating that they endeavor to have at least one session beer (not a mainstream light, and in addition to Guinness!) available at all times. That's the graphic above: what do you think? I think the wording and line graphics enhance the 'interwar" look of the logo itself.

Finally, here's a nice bit about session beer from Stonch's Beer Blog, explaining how Jeff made the progression from big head-bangers to appreciating session beers (and it's not just in there because he says nice things about my blog).


  1. All that dry text on the back of the shirt? No, just No. Come up with a funny or memorable one-liner or leave it blank.

    And why not link to the page with the actual shirt on Cafe Press instead of that site's generic opening page?

    Not snark, just my immediate reaction...

  2. I didn't link to the actual shirt because it's not done; I don't want to do that until I have the back finished.

    All the funny one-liners I've thought of make fun of extreme beer, and I don't want to get that started again. "Tastes like more...and drinks that way too." I'll work on it.

  3. How about "The Only Beers To Have When You're Having More Than One" and hope you don't attract lawyers?

    Or (oblique Retrotalk reference again) "5.4 or Fight!"

  4. I don't think the definition on the back is that compelling. The alternate one: "Low alcohol, but not low taste." might work.

    Speaking of lawyers as per Kindly Old, if you're selling stuff and you're not registered as a nonprofit organization, you probably shouldn't be calling the SBP a non-profit effort. There are legal and tax issues involved. If SBP isn't incorporated as a nonprofit, the IRS will view proceeds from sales as taxable income. I'd hate to see such a noble goal get mired in tax woes!

  5. Oh, crap. I should have known. I really don't want to get involved in that. May have to figger a different way to do this.

  6. I hope I didn't inadvertently add anoher bullet point to the "life sucks part II" post on STAG!

  7. "5.4 or Fight!"Freudian Mr. Curtain? Just can't let go? It's 4.5. ;)

  8. Wasn't going to point that out, because the deliciousness of Kindly Old Mr. Curtin 'retrotalking' a slogan dating from the 1840s was too good to blur!

  9. Just a nitpick, but why not register the domain Makes it look more "official" than incorporating the .blogspot. in there. Domains only cost something like $10, and all you'd have to do is point the DNS to this page.


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