Friday, October 22, 2010

The Diamond ups the ante

David Pollack started The Diamond in Brooklyn a couple years back with the idea of doing a wine and beer-only bar/restaurant that featured session beers. We talked, it was good, until...he went to try to execute the SBP idea of 4.5% and under, and found that there were nowhere near enough of such beers available -- tasty, interesting session beers -- to pull it off. Grudgingly, he upped his limit to 5%, and still had add stronger beers to round things out.

Well, okay. You do what you can, and I loved the idea, and put him on the SBP "At The Table" list over to the right. He's got an SBP sticker on the door, too!

Last Monday, Dave was in Philly on a scouting mission, and we met up at Memphis for an early dinner and a couple pints (session-strength, natch). He told me that he'd managed to bring together enough beers for a "Session Obsession" event tomorrow: beautiful!

He just sent me the event announcement:
10/23, Saturday, 3pm, Session Obsession
  • 10 killer beers all under 4.5% abv
  • Many beers making their NYC debut
  • Stuffed cabbage, spaetzle, and pretzels
  • Real Pennsylvania ring toss tourney for free bar tab (yeah!)
We’re obsessed and possessed to find fantastic beers with relatively moderate alcoholic content.  It seems an ironic thing to promote in a craft brewing world that often equates quality with strength.  But, look closely at these Diamond featured brews and you will find some of the most challenging, exciting, and rewarding beer being made.  As a matter of fact, if you are in for the long haul playing quoits in our yard all day, they might be just the ticket to keep you going!
All this, and quoits too? Damn me, why am I going to Boston?! Oh, right, to see my son. See you next time, Dave!


  1. I've been following the SBP for some time now & wanted to drop a line of encouragement... keep up the good work. As a homebrewer who's created everything from 10.3% to 3.2% abv brews I must say. crafting a top shelf less than 4%abv bier is a much harder challenge than crafting a top shelf big bier. Probably 40-45% of the bier I brew falls into the sub-4.5% grouping with about 18% falling above 7.5%. It's a beautiful thing to be able to drink as much as I want, usually 2 or 3, and not have to worry about it's effect on me!

  2. Congratulations on The Diamond! Years and years of multipling successes. Just thought maybe you were David Wrayton Pollack and have an uncle Jon in St.Louis and Mom might just be Anne from Euclid Ohio Jon and I best of freinds the first 16 years of our lives, till the move to St Louis. If so give mom a big hug from the maloneys and let her know mom passed away at 94 two years ago. Again congratulations and many many sucesses in your ventures in the big apple, sincerely mike maloney,beachview
    drive, Euclid Ohio, now of Champ
    drive ,same July 16 2011.


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