Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Naked Brewing Carpe Noctem Black IPA

Carpe Noctem

I'm not nuts about "black IPA." I did a round of "robust porter" judging at the GABF a couple years ago, and I don't see a lot of difference between the two: a lot of hops, a lot of black, burnt malt, and a fair amount of booze. After tasting 11 of them, my palate was shot, felt like it had been scrubbed with a wire grill brush. A recently-used wire grill brush.

So I wasn't eager to try Carpe Noctem from local Naked Brewing Co., since it was a black IPA and a "session" IPA, which drives me a little nuts...but you know, there it was, on tap at the Hulmeville Inn, and I was driving, and it's only 3.9%...

Glad I dove in. Carpe Noctem has a hoppy, dry cocoa-tinged nose, and a smooth mouthful of well-balanced malt and hops, without that wicked burnt character, and a bitter finish. Nothing's really spiky, or aggressive, which is probably why the IPA-crazies aren't going nuts for it, but I liked it. Had more of it, too. Keep an eye out: they're spreading all over Pennsylvania; how, I'm not sure, but I hope they do well.


  1. I don't care for Black IPAs too much, either. But a 3.9 percent one sounds great. Of course, bothering to classify it at all these days is impossible. So a Black IPA at 3.9 percent sounds more like a "black pale ale," but that sounds weird. Blake India pale ale is also an oxymoron to be sure. "West Coast porter" might be what I call it.

  2. Naked Brewing is being distributed by Nevulis Beverages and you can find their beers in Harrisburg, Lancaster, Pittsbugh, Allentown and the surrounding Philly 5 county region . Presently our company is represented in 10 States accross the U.S. and the beers from Naked Brewing will enter Delaware and NJ later this year. Look for Black Currant Wheat, Pineapple sour stout, and a Saisson later this spring.

    George Parkinson
    Director of Operations
    Nevulis Beverages


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