Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Pints...okay, more like, maybe, 20 pints

Since I've declared this to be The Year of The Session, and we're getting some traction, we need to start pushing the idea. Every good blog campaign has a graphic, a logo: Jeff Alworth's Honest Pint Project, our own beer blogfest The Session (guess I can't use that), Rick Lyke's outstandingly appropriate Pints for Prostates... I'm behind the curve here!

So I'm asking for a logo. I'm good with words, but I suck at creating graphics. I'd like something fairly simple, but not cheesy. The log should include at least one glass of beer -- more or the suggestion of more would be good -- and I'd prefer a photo of a beer rather than a graphic. It should include the words "Session Beer Project", and room for the winner of the upcoming tagline poll (leave space for about five words, dummy in some lorem ipsum in the chosen font, and we'll fill in the tagline later), and a small "" along one of the margins. I would prefer to avoid light green and orange...just don't like 'em.

I can't afford much, but I will pay $50 for all rights to the winning logo. I don't like to work for free either, but I do work for cheap sometimes. If this doesn't produce one I think is just right, I'll hold off and try again later. My judgment is final, of course: this isn't a contest, it's a project.

So if you've got that creative flair, let it fly! Show me what you think crystalizes the idea of the Session Beer Project. You'll get the pleasure of having helped with the Session Beer Project, you'll get that fifty bucks, and you'll get a design credit. Wow, living the dream...have another session beer, bucko.


  1. "I would prefer to avoid light green and orange..."

    So much for that Oktoberfest Märzen I was gonna use in the picture...


  2. Ewwww... You found a green Märzenbier? Chances are there's either something really wrong with it, or it was brewed at Dogfish Head.

  3. Of all the people I thought might focus on the painfully obvious joke, you weren't one of 'em Lew.
    (eye roll here)

  4. My brother gave me a couple issues of All About Beer, read this article and became instantly intrigued...I'm a HopHead all the way and am usually drawn to the insanely hopped and usually high ABV brews (Pliny the Elder, Maharaja, Unearthly, Hercules, mmm...thirsty). The problem is I live 30 miles from the location that offers these and thus have to limit my intake, so reading about Session Beers peeked my interest.

    I know I'll have to depart from my blessed Dbl IPAs, but look forward to the challenge. I'm looking for a list of commonly (or not-so commonly) found brews that would be rated as SBs, but could not find one here. Did I overlook it? If so, please point me to it. I checked the Beer Advocate site to see their list and saw Lagunitas and Mad Hatter IPA was rated <6% ABV and was happy since they are a couple I really enjoy.

    I'm located in Central IL and have very few brewpubs to choose from, does anyone have any suggestions or tips on how they deal with this limitation? Or can a SB be any type: brewpub, homebrew, distributed?

    Very fun.

  5. Craig,
    I don't have a list of session beers; I'm just doing this as a forum to talk, not create a database. It's hard to find a good list; even the list of "Top Session Beers" at BeerAdvocate is beers under 5.5%, not 4.5%, and is deceptively "accurate," since the truth is, many beers in low-alcohol categories in the BA database don't have an ABV listed, and so aren't even in the "Top Session Beers" list.

    But yes, a session beer can be "any type," as you say. It doesn't have to be from a brewpub. If you like stout, dry Irish stouts are almost always low in alcohol; Guinness, for instance, is about 4.2%.

    Good hunting!


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