Saturday, February 28, 2009

Session Beer Evolution

Chris Leonard has written Part I of an exposition on session-strength beers, and how he's tried -- and tried, and tried -- to sell them at the General Lafayette Inn, and is finally succeeding. Well worth reading for anyone who is learning to love these beers, and there's more -- more technical -- to come.


  1. "Session Beer" is now a style, at least according to the new BA dictates. It would appear from the description, however, that it can be just about anything, except the styles most commonly identified as session beers, like standard bitter and mild, since both generally have alcohol contents below the stated minimum of 4% alcohol by volume.

  2. The whole idea of "session beer" as a "style" with numbers and limits...sigh. I suppose it's a step in the right direction, but at a rather wide angle to that right direction.

    In their defense, most "bitters and milds" brewed by American brewers reluctantly come in below 4.5%, and usually -- nonsensically -- are over that. Still a long way to go.


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