Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bars, Brewpubs: Show Your Support for The Session Beer Project!

The sticker I talked about just below? I did get a sample, and today I went down to Memphis Taproom and watched Brendan and Leigh proudly place it on the side door to the bar (the front one has that nice decorative ironwork). "We have session beers," the sticker says, "come on in!" We toasted it with Cantillon Vigneronne (delicious), and then talked about a big session event for this fall; more about that later.

In the meantime...bar owners, brewpubs, brewers! Show your support for sub-4.5% beer with flavor and balance, and let your customers know you have session beer available, by displaying your own sticker. (The link takes you straight to CafePress, where you can buy the sticker direct; realized that was easier for everyone than having me buy them and have to charge twice for postage.) If you get one and display it, let me know and I'll put up a list here and on our Facebook page.

The rest of you, I decided to scrap the idea of putting something on the back of the t-shirt. I couldn't come up with something I really liked, and it was an additional $4. The logo's good enough. So you can get a Session Beer Project t-shirt here. I wore mine to Mahar's in Albany over the weekend, while I was drinking Fuller's Chiswick Bitter.

Drink up!


  1. I love this idea; especially since Memphis is so close to where I live. I'll tell you what, I spent time in Canada recently, and the Canucks really know how to make some damned good session beers. Had a couple that were below 4.0% and were awesome.

    I have some style questions. Do you consider a beer like Dock St.'s "Dunkel" Berliner Weisse (only 3.85%) a session beer? It's an obscure style, not sure if it makes the cut. Does the Cantillon Grand Cru (only 4.4% make the cut?)

  2. Absolutely: check the 'definition' at the upper right. If it's 4.5% or under, and it's tasty and balanced (so maybe not the Cantillon, but maybe so, too, depends on individual taste), it works.

  3. I'm a gonna paste my sticker on my fridge and maybe give a few away...


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