Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Voice in Support of SBP

Got this note from Steve Gale, one of the founders and operators of the Burgundian Babble Belt, the place to go for talk about Belgian beers (and Belgian-style, and European beer in general, and other stuff). He tried to respond to the previous post, but his software didn't want to talk to Blogger's software, so he just e-mailed it to me. Take it away, Steve.

Kennett Square BrewFest planners - my hat's off to you. I have been to too many tasting events where it has become apparent that the beers which are held in high esteem are the extreme ones. It breaks my heart that the beer world seems to have become so hard of tasting. So I guess it's no big surprise that some would see a session beer direction as limiting choice and variety. My God. I mean, would anyone say that about the Extreme Beer Festival? How much more limiting is an event that only offers behemoths? But that's sacred, it doesn't matter that the world offers far more variety with low to medium alcohol, non-hop monster brews, if you only offer beers that bludgeon your palette you're a hero.

I don't mean to suggest insult, but IMO if you cannot see variety and choice potential in a strict session beer environment, you really don't get beer. Session beers can be sour, spicy, malty, hoppy, smoky, funky, sweet, bready, fruity, dry, chocolately, roasty, simple, complex, etc. Thank you, Kennett Square, for standing up to the "if its not >9% its not top 10 material" mindset that has taken hold. And thank you Lew, for working to bring back value to non-sledge hammer brews.


  1. "...but IMO if you cannot see variety and choice potential in a strict session beer environment, you really don't get beer."

    Well said.

  2. This just gave me an idea...humor me for a bit here.

    The BBB has had beer developed for the site and its members, Fantome and Regenboog have both crafted BBB beers...take a gander at BA or RB.

    So...why not convince a PA brewery to develop or even have a couple collaborate on a BBB inspired beer for the Conn-O-Session? Just a thought...

  3. This is great! I just found your blog and you preach everything I am for.
    As a home brewer and beer lover I have had this conflict in my own head about the direction American craft beer has been going (bigger is better). Don't get me wrong I like my big beers but if you want to hang out at a bar and have a few, you better have someone else driving. I brew and have brewed session beers at home for sometime now, and I'm glad to se an advocate for them on the web. If I ever get my tap room up and running I will proudly display that sticker. Thanks for the good work!
    John M Rocco

  4. I agree with John...I just posted something similar in an older post.


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