Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh, now look at that!

One of my favorite 'beery' blogs, Jeffo's Beer Blog, is from a former beer geek/lawyer who threw it off (young, before he got stupid rich) and took over a pub, The Gunmakers, in London. He's quite staunch on real ale, and low-alcohol ones to boot. So when he posted this, I had to pass it along to all of you here. That's five pints of mild, all going to the same lunch table.

Sigh. Makes you thirsty, don't it?


  1. Shaker pints in England? Are they Imperial, at least?

  2. Huh. Didn't even think about it. But yeah, I've got several "shaker-shape" imperial pints from England, so I'd guess that's what it is.

  3. Also, and I apologize for skimming, but was the brand of the Mild reported? Love to know what's out there these days. Had the Sam Smith Dark Mild from cask many years ago and loved it -- is it back?


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