Monday, April 5, 2010

Brilliant! Celebrate New Beer's Eve with 3.2 beer!

The Brotherhood of Appreciating Repeal Day, an absolutely fantastic group in Sharon, PA that celebrates the anniversaries of Repeal -- God bless 'em -- has had a brilliant idea that ties right into session beer enjoyment. On April 7, they're having a New Beer's Eve party (in Sharon) to celebrate the first step of Repeal: the 1933 amendment of the Volstead Act that allowed "3.2 beer" -- beer at 4.0% ABV and below -- to be sold (on the grounds that it was 'non-intoxicating'). They are serving 4.0% -- and less -- beer at the event, which is a membership drive for the group.

This is genius! If there is a natural day to serve session beer to Americans, this is it!

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