Thursday, February 3, 2011

This is: not getting it

First: 21st Amendment's Bitter American is a delish session beer, and I can't wait till it shows up in Philly, and I will drink it.

Second, this guy got that...but that's the only thing he got. There is so much wrong with this, it makes me want to cry, vomit, and commit mayhem.


  1. Cry. Check. Vomit. Check. Commit mayhem. Noted on the agenda for 2011.

  2. It's been in Philly and the burbs. Not a lot of it though. But it is pretty tasty.

  3. I, too, absolutely love this beer. Had it last at Quesos and Casks in San Francisco two years ago. It's been reportedly bumped up to 4.4% in the can, but I think I'll be okay with that. Session up!

    "In short, our overall favorite of the evening was 21st Amendment's Bitter American (hey, I know a few of them!) paired with the Garrotxa (a Spanish goat cheese). Even at 3.6% ABV, this beer and its hop flavors shone extremely well as a cask conditioned beer."

    The Brew Lounge, March 2009

  4. It drives me nuts that someone who describes them self as a "Beer Snob" looks down on session ales. (overall, I hate close minded beer drinkers.) How can responsible drinking be done if all the beers out there are 7+%?


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