Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More new session beers...

Not only are The Notch Session Pils and Session Ale now out in bottles, I just got news from Ale Industries (in Concord, California) that they're celebrating their second anniversary -- congrats! -- with the release of two new beers, one of them a session beer! Check it out:
The first is simply named “2012 Table Beer, the Beer of the Future”. This beer is what we call a Light Belgian Dark Ale, and has a very sessionable 3.0% abv. The beer was brewed with a blend of yeasts which were borrowed from the newly formed Oakland Brewing Company. Go co-operation! 2012 Table beer, the Beer of the Future was brewed in the same vein as many Ale Industries beers, to achieve layers of depth in the simple but under-rated form of session beer.
Gotta love the name, gotta love the love.


  1. As always Lew, thanks for the mention. Beer of the future - let's hope so!

  2. Stoked to see one of our locals mentioned! Chris over at Notch Session is making some delicious beer. People saying that they want more alcohol in beer because they like more flavor need to try his Session Ale and Session Pils (the pils is our favorite). These things have some serious flavor without massive amounts of alcohol. I've been stoked to see the reaction Notch has gotten in Boston so far! Cheers!


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