Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Session Beer Fest in Portland...I missed it, sorry!

I really do need to get this thing updated more often: I had news of a session beer fest in Portland, Oregon -- yeah, really! -- last weekend, and didn't get it posted in time. I blame vacation and a busy schedule, but I let you down. Jeff Alworth of Beervana put it on with Coalition Brewing; they called it Mighty Mites, a great name. If anyone made it to the fest, please post a comment on how it went!

Here's a review, and thanks to Jeff for providing the link!


  1. It was a really hot day which I think depressed attendance (though, as many people noted, if you're drinking on a hot day, you don't want a double IPA). But the beers were really impressive. The goal was to try to swim against the tide of popular opinion that big=tasty and small=insipid. I asked breweries to make flavorful small beers that would help convince people to give the little guys a look.

    We had a cask bitter, two porters (smoked and coffee) a wit, a petit saison, two "small beers," three hoppy smalls, a Berliner weisse, a couple American wheats (not agressive, but nuanced), a Munich helles, an amazing mild (my fave of the fest), and a few others. Great diversity. Of course, I'm biased. Here's a more objective view:


  2. Thanks, Jeff: again, apologies. Sounds like you had some good ones. Diversity's what it's all about, but I'm finding too many organizers are scared of having too many milds or bitters...and that doesn't seem to be a big problem!

  3. I have to agree with Jeff about the Mild. I was having a tough time keeping the cask temperature in the cellar range what with the hot day.

  4. Ted (Brewers Union) is being modest. His beer was one of the most well-received of the day, and it held up nicely. A few beers got foamy in the heat, but Little Sir John was still looking good late in the afternoon. And tasting good!


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