Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Session Beer Day at The Diamond!

One of the places that definitely gets it, The Diamond in Brooklyn, is all-in on Session Beer Day! They'll have seven taps of session beer on April 7, Session Beer Day. (Actually, there will be eight session beers, they managed to get another, but come on...seven!)

Here's what they've got lined up, with ABVs:

4.2 Otter Creek Hop Session:  hoppy american lean golden ale, VT
3.4 Newburgh English Bitter:  traditional english bitter, uniquely nutty, NY
4.2 East End Bitter:  small beer/traditional bitter, PA
3.7 East End Fat Gary:  brown ale, PA
4.2 Coniston Old Man Ale:  reddish/brown fruity english ale, UK
4.5 Thiriez Extra:  traditional french farmhouse ale, France
4.5 Barrier Le Pete:  smoked wheat beer, NY
2.7 Evil Twin Bikini Beer:  session IPA, Denmark

"That East End Bitter is the best bitter I've ever had, by the way," adds bar owner David Pollack.
The 8th beer will be something from either Elk Creek Cafe and Alewerks in Millheim, PA (one of my fave spots) or from Harviestoun in Scotland, and there may be additional surprises.

More fun on Session Beer Day, get over there and spend some hours buying rounds!

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