Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Great session beer coverage in DRAFT magazine!

Zak Stambor interviewed me a while back for a piece on session beers for DRAFT magazine, and the article's out and available online. It's a good piece, and has links to SBP, but the great thing is that it covers session beer in a national beer mag, quotes folks from two exceptional brewers (Greg Hall of Goose Island and Tom Kehoe of Yards) that both have session beers as strong-selling year-round beers, and Stambor doesn't feel the need to take Maxim-style shots at session beer as being weak or unmanly. Thanks for that, Zak.

It's a good piece. Go read it, and send it to your friends.


  1. The links to the story bring up 404 error messages.

  2. Thanks, Jack. Should be fixed now. They changed the URL, for some reason, between 8 AM and now. I changed too. All good.

  3. Hoo-ray! he says, after finishing a fine Honkers Ale.


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