Sunday, June 13, 2010

DSSB III: Interview with Dan Carey of New Glarus

Ken Weaver departs from the standard in Desperately Seeking Session Beer this time around, with excellent results: he interviews New Glarus founder/brewmaster Dan Carey. Ken maybe bores in with the "session beer" angle too much -- particularly since Dan steadfastly resists the bait...mostly. But good points are made, and that's more than I've seen Dan talk in quite a while. Nice!


  1. It's funny, my original intent was actually to keep with that same format of focusing on individual beers (well, in this case, Dan's fruit beers), and pick up a few quotes here and there for the article. Hence the focus.

    It was actually the first interview I'd done, and thankfully Dan was one of the most polite people I've ever spoken to on the phone. I think a lot of brewers don't get the chance to talk about their small beers very often. He was a wealth of insight, which will hopefully help shape the conversations this column brings out as things move ahead.


  2. Great interview. Dan is a terrific spokesperson for the craft brewing industry.

  3. Session beers are good to have on hand if you are working on software or something and d'wanna get toasted, so there is a home for them. I like to keep PBR on hand for getting into the groove and then switch to 'A manly beer' for winding down for the evening. Session beers aren't like the lite or ultra lite beers... ("Not for the Gents", as the barkeep in UK explained to my Bro' in Law when he was visiting his grandparents). Those are for the younger gen personnel... In time they might grow into 'our' beers...


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