Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Session Beer Day Participants: where YOU can celebrate!

We have our first official participants in Session Beer Day!

Cape Ann Brewing in Gloucester, Mass., will be tapping their 3.5% Rauchbier on Session Beer Day.

A natural participant, where they do great session beer every day: "We are thrilled to participate in Session Beer Day at the Pratt Street Alehouse in Baltimore. We will be offering our three "session" year round brews (Blonde Ale 4.3%, Dark Horse Mild 4% & Bishop's Breakfast stout 4.4%) at the special price of $3/pint on April 7th."

Add Prism Brewing in North Wales, PA to the list: "We're brewing White Lightning today, a 4.2% ABV wit brewed with chives. Should be done in time for a 4/5 tapping, so count us in! We'll run it at $4 a pint on that day as well!" Nice!

If YOU are hosting a Session Beer Day event, please add it as a comment to this post! Update: there are more events already; please check the comments for more Session Day events.

I don't mind this getting out of long as it's about session beer at 4.5% or less. That's pretty much the only guideline. It's not about "sessionable!"


  1. New Albanian Brewing, two locations in New Albany IN: Our everyday Community Dark (English Mild) is 3.7%, and year-round Tafelbier (think light Belgian ale, no wheat or spices) is 4%. Coincidentally, we already had an seasonal (Extra)Ordinary coming on tap at sub-4%, which makes three for Session Beer Day. Ultimate irony: Our 14th annual Gravity Head strong beer fest (8%+) is just now winding down. I'll see what else I can collect from nearby, and maybe there can be a tap takeover. Having the chance to follow it with Session Beer Day: Priceless.

  2. For Session Beer Day Starting on 4.5.12 we will have Full Pint Hobnobber and East End Brewing Fat Gary on Cask as well as 21st Amendment Bitter American, Yards Brawler, Sly Fox O'Reilley's Stout to name a few on draft... Hope to have a few more by the 5th...
    "Drink Small"... All the cool kids are doing it...
    Piper's Pub
    Pittsburgh PA

  3. Kennett Restaurant (848 S. 2nd St., Philadelphia, serves Yards Brawler every day -- Thanks! -- but will be running a special on Session Day, and adding at least one other session beer. Welcome aboard!

  4. Session Head: that's monumental, Roger!

  5. Just out in the e-letter from the long-time SBP supporters at The Diamond (43 Franklin St. (between Quay St & Calyer St), Brooklyn,

    April 7 is the day prohibition ended, but only for session beer drinkers. That's right, folks. The first baby step of Repeal only allowed beer under 4% to be consumed by the American public. Celebrate the anniversary of this happy occasion all day and night at the Diamond with the best session beers in New York City! Serving up a special list of craft- brewed, quaffable American beers around 4% for just 4 bucks each!
    Brooklyn Oishi 3.9%
    Barrier Unimperial IPA 4% (cask)
    Sly Fox Chester County Bitter 4.5% (cask)
    Victory Dark Lager 3.9%
    ...and pop in our backyard for a surprise entry or two...

  6. Session Beer Day meetup at Lizardville Beer Store and Whiskey Bar in Bedford Heights on Session Beer Day! From Lizardville host Robert Massie:

    "I confirmed this weekend that Lizardville will be hooking up some lovely low-ABV beers for Session Beer Day! Since we had such a great time there on International Stout Day, I figured we could throw down for the newest beer "holiday" at the 'ville. I promise you West Sider's it's worth the drive. And we'll make sure the next meetup is on the West Side or downtown; we plan to spread the love around this year!! This is anything but a "formal" meetup - feel free to come out as you're free, stay until you had your fill. I'm proposing a 1:00 start time because, well, I like drinking session beer in the early afternoon. Hope to see more than 4.5% of you there! I'll post a draft/bottle list once one is available."

    Facebook page and more details here:

  7. Brian Lonberg of Barley John's (see the post on this above) tells me of the following event:

    "We are going to do a "1-2-3 Session Beer Sale" on Saturday the 7th.

    $1 off a pint of Little Barley Bitter
    $2 off a pint of either the Northern English Brown Ale -or- Vulgare's Munich Dark
    $3 off a growler of any of the three beers.

    I'm glad you came up with this special day. I think people are going to love it."

  8. The Bulls Head Public House in Lititz, Penn., will be doing a complete session beer tap takeover!

    Session Beer Day, April 7
    All beers will be 4.50% abv and all pints will be $4.50!
    On Saturday April 7 bars and breweries throughout the US will be participating in Session Beer Day. The Bulls Head will be participating by having a tap takeover of session beers (as long as we can get them all in!) Either way there will be plenty for you to try. In addition, all the beers that are served in pints will be priced at $4.50!
    (Session beer is close to my heart as growing up in England most of the beers offered in pubs are session beers.)

  9. I think I may have already mentioned that I'm gonna be hanging at Memphis Taproom on April 7; they were the first to display an SBP sticker, they do excellent cask, and they almost always have session beer on dispense. No formal announcement yet -- they tend to be informal -- but I did get this from owner Brendan Hartranft, and it's good enough for me:

    I will make sure a stellar lineup is in place: Wells, Taras Boulba, 1809 Berliner, Coniston Bluebird, Stoudts Pils, etc.

  10. Pateros Creek will be doing a Session Day Celebration with $3 pints of our three session ales (Old Town Ale, Car 21, and Remittance Ale) as well as live music and food.

    Will be awesome.

  11. Alla Spina in Philly ( will be featuring a Session Day Flight on 4/7: Yards Brawler (4.2%), Victory Donnybrook Stout (3.8%), and Stillwater Bri-Witter (3.3% Berliner).

    Sounds good to me!

  12. Hey Lew! Jim Dorsch wanted me to let you know that we've decided to go ahead and do a Session Beer Day event at Whole Foods Alexandria after all! We'll be having reps in from Goose Island and Yards to sample their session beers, and then we'll be sampling out several others ourselves. It'll be from 2-6, April 7th. We're looking forward to this! Should be fun.

  13. Hey NC Beer fans - TWO not-yet-open breweries in the triangle area are going to be putting on a session beer day event in Carrboro, NC at the Carrboro Beverage Company (next to Tyler's). Fortnight Brewing Company will be providing a 3.5% traditional English session ale, while Steel String will be bringing a more West Coast inspired session ale. FREE tasting from 1-3pm!

  14. Looks like we may kill two birds with one stone - We may be moving our brew system from old bldg to new, with the help of a thirsty moving crew. The reward - free Mustang Session 33 and some schwag. Session 33 is a beer we brewed and refers to April 7, 1933, when we got our 3.2 legs back under us in Oklahoma. BREW!!!


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