Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stout Day!

I posted over at my other, main blog about St. Patrick's Day, and while some of it's about whiskey, there's a good chunk about how this is a huge session beer day. People suck down dry Irish stouts of various manufacture -- mostly Guinness -- and they're almost all under 4.5%. It's a good day for session beer, and I should have done more to point that out. I have to think about this stuff!

Hmmm...maybe April 5th -- 4.5 -- as Session Beer Day?


  1. To get the good Irish stuff on draught you have to go to a pub, probably an "Irish" pub, which is the very last place to be on St Pat's. On any other day, sure, preferably some place that has Beamish & Murphy's as well (both of which I prefer to Guinness).

    If you ever need a blog topic, how about a definitive, evidence-based distinction between stout and porter?

    1. Well, he could either make one up or accept that there isn't one!

  2. The Victory Donnybrook and Sly Fox O'Reilly's I'd cheerfully put up against "the good Irish stuff," so I'm good to go.

    And I'd sooner sit on a rattlesnake than write about the distinction between stout and porter. I'll leave that to Pattinson and Cornell.

  3. Could we get Troegs to send an extra-large shipment of their recent Scratch mild?


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