Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Session Beer Day 2013 is ON!


Yes, Session Beer Day 2013 is on. We've got some interest already, and I'm going to confirm that Session Beer Day 2013 is on April 7, a Sunday. Sure, most of us have work the next day...but it's session beer, that's what this is about. So start planning: brewers, think about new ways to get good flavor below 4.5% (other than throwing in tons of hops...sheesh) and fun collaborative brews with other folks; wholesalers, talk to your suppliers about the opportunities this means for the lower ABV end of their portfolios; importers, this is a perfect time to bring in those delicious low-ABV beers your brewers are making; bar owners/managers, let's see some planning and fun events for the session beers; homebrewers, let's talk competitions (and having some fun!); and drinkers...make suggestions on what you want to see, and do, and drink!

Remember: April 7 2013 is Session Beer Day, a day to celebrate great-tasting lower ABV beers! Go 4.5% and under, go 4.0% and under, but show some love.

Dream Big For Small Beer!


  1. Dumb question, but why not 4/5? As in 4.5%.

  2. Talked about that last time around. April 7 is "Little Repeal Day," when 4.0 ABV beer was made legal before all booze became legal the following December 5th: "We decided on April 7: there are a lot of photographs of a LOT of Americans happily drinking 4.0% beer we can use, it's a day the beer industry is already aware of..." and last year it was a Saturday, which made the first one easier to get people going on.

    How's that?

  3. Thanks, Chris!

    Hey, Scott: you in? I'm counting on ya!

  4. There has long been the talk at least in US beer press that ''session craftbeers is the new black'', but i unfourtnately have discovered no such trend on my seven trips to the US. When i/we walk in to a tap/ale-house in whatever city it might be it's (almost) all imperial this and double that. Usually good brews, but when i'm doing a session (and even tough i'm a fat fuck), there's no way i can do a full night drinking when a ''regular'' IPA starts at 6+%...


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