Monday, April 4, 2016


Session Beer Day is only three days away, this Thursday, April 7!

I'm breathless with anticipation (okay, I'm not, but if I didn't have so much other crap going on, I might be...). This happily silly event, a toast to the success and continued rediscovery of "small beer in big glasses," continues to be strong in some great places. We'd like to encourage you to encourage them by drinking session beer, particularly on April 7. Make your preference known!

If there's a place near you that supports Session Beer, please show them your support by going there and drinking at least two pints on Thursday! If there's not, go to your favorite spot and ask them if they could add some great-tasting lower-ABV beers to their regular rotation, just as an additional option. 

There's another event I just heard about, too, in Louisville (heads up, Roger Baylor). 

Rick Stidham at Akasha Brewing in Louisville tells me they're doing a Session Beer Day event at the taproom. "We'll be pouring our English Mild with Brett (3.1%), American Pale with Brett (4.5%), Belgian Blonde (4.5%), and neighboring brewery Monnik's Mild George English Mild (3.5%). Sounds great! And if anyone wants to hook up with Roger on his Session Beer Day Brewery Crawl in Louisville, check that out here: he's going to be winding up at Akasha. Roger's an OG (Original Geek), who's been preaching alternative beer for longer than I can remember; pre-1990, anyway, and he's great company, so think about joining him. If I weren't going to be at World Session Beer Day Headquarters, or at the Notch Deep Ellum Session Beer Day Celebration, or Thanks I'll Have Another at the Olympic Tavern...that's where I'd be!

So wherever you decide to go, whatever 4.5% and lower beers you decide to drink, remember what it's all about: spreading the word on session beer and having a good time with people, talking, buying rounds, small beers in big glasses! Go have fun. I'll be live-blogging and tweeting on Thursday. Post comments here (I'll put up a comment target first thing 4/7 just for you to tell us what you're doing), or on the Session Beer Project Facebook page (join us!), or just tweet with #sessionbeerday 

Start spreading the love!

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