Thursday, April 7, 2016

Today is Session Beer Day 2016

Hey bartender! Draw one, draw two, draw three more glasses of beer!

"They say there's twenty-seven pubs from here to Odsal Top
And tonight we'll have a pint in every one."

It's Session Beer Day. Go ye out and have some great session beers. 

Places to go: I'll be at the Bulls Head Pub in Lititz, PA (World Session Beer Day Headquarters!) from noon to 6:30, feel free to drop by for their total session tap takeover, all beers under 4.5%, all beers $4.50 a pint! Deep Ellum on the Boston border is hosting the Notch crew again for small beer in big glasses. The Olympic in Rockford, Illinois has a bunch of session beers plus a cask of Stone Go To. Akasha Brewing has a variety of local session beers, and you can hook up with OG Beer Guy Roger Baylor for a Session Beer Day Brewery Crawl that winds up there. There's always session beer at the Victory pubs in Downingtown and Parkesburg (Penn.), and of course there's Yards Brawler and Philly Brewing Kenzinger all over Philly (Yuengling Lager is a session beer, too!) In the Bay Area? Magnolia  and Drake are always rocking some good session ales, as is 21st Amendment! See more? Tell us here!

  • Keep it under 4.6% (look for lower!)
  • Tell us about it (post a comment here, or tweet with #sessionbeerday)
  • Tell stories, play cards, sing songs, talk to people.
  • Buy rounds!
  • Eat some food, spend some money, tip your servers.
  • Remember: It's low alcohol, not no alcohol. Cab, Uber, Lyft, transit, walk.
Have fun!

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