Monday, June 1, 2009

Conn-o-Session tickets selling briskly

Folks, the Kennett Square Brewfest organizers took a bold step this year. Their Connoisseur Session has been one of the real showcases for adventurous brewing, an anticipated and greatly enjoyed event. This year, they decided to have a "Conn-o-Session," a Connnoisseur Session of all Session Beers.

To tell the truth, we -- the brewfest organizers and I -- loved the idea, but didn't know how it would go over with you, the beer festival-loving public. It was a gamble. We'd received some very negative feedback from folks who, honestly, sounded like they were only interested in high-alcohol beers. Hmmmm... We worried a bit.

I'm feeling pretty good right now. I just heard from the festival organizers: tickets went on sale this morning at 7, and at 10:30, they had already sold 104 of the 300 tickets. You like session beer, you really like it!

Get your tickets: I'll see you there!


  1. Hey Lew, I think it'll be a great success. As an English brewer in the U.S. it's sometimes a frustration for me that most of what is viewed as "must have" beers are huge Imperial this and thats. Long live the pint of Mild. I think a lot of people will have their eyes opened and preconceptions altered by the possibilities of lower a.b.v. beers!
    Steve Jones, Oliver Ales, Baltimore

  2. Steve, VERY good to hear from you here. I've always been a big fan of your beers, a fantastic display of differentiation.
    Wanna get in on the fest?

  3. Hey Lew,
    Yeah we'd love to be involved. It's been a long, long time since I've done the Kennet Square Fest. so count us in.

  4. Wow; I'm glad I subscribed to your RSS feed last week.

    I'm a session beer fan, and my dad lives out in Kennett. We're in for two tickets!

    I hope to see more on session beer over the summer, and especially some brew tips for us home brewers. Thanks

  5. Did you see the recent "criticism" of this choice to go all low ABV on BA (Mid-Atlantic forum)? Surprised it took so long for the whining about no BIG AND BOLD being offered. Thankfully won't matter once the session is sold out.

    Hope to see you in October big guy. No breathing on my bald head this year!

  6. Yeah, I made a response. Another reason for the SBP: clearing up what session beer is all about.

    I'll bring a polishing cloth to buff you up gleaming proper.

  7. Bring 2 cloths Lew. Working on getting something very BOLD and geek worthy for Jeff so you may need an extra to wipe the drool!


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